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  1. what a great site and service! i’m so impressed and have signed up for your new wine notifications.
    how about researching some sulfate-free for us delicate embibers? it’s not a romantic evening with wine and candlelight when one is covered in hives.
    i want to know how you find anytime to drink:)
    thanks! i wil visit often and tell all my wine drinking friends. xox m.

    • Hi, Michele. Unfortunately, there are no sulphite-free wines, since sulphites are a natural occurrence of the fermentation process. And without sulphites, the wine would spoil. Many wines contain added sulphites, but some organic winemakers do not add sulphites and offer low-sulphite wines.

      Here’s a site that offers low-sulphite wines: You might use it as a guide when shopping at your local wine shop.

      I understand that white wines tend to have significantly more sulphites than red.

      It’s said that French wines tend to have more sulphites than do their California cousins. This may explain why one might experience more after-effects from a low-alcohol French wine than a high-octane Cali wine. I seem to notice this.

      I’ve heard, but cannot confirm, that decanting will turn some of the sulphites into sulphates and reduce the ill-effects.


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