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Clos La Coutale Cahors 2009


Boysenberry, dark cherry and pomegranate with earthy cedar, forest floor, camphor and black tea. Full bodied and a little rustic; soft yet tart, showing tight tannins and a focused finish. An enjoyable experience — it’s more campsite than inn. 80% Malbec, 20% Merlot. A good wine and a good value. (Reviewed 3/27/12)

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Vina Cobos Malbec ‘Felino’ 2010


Smoky plum with dark berries and black currants supported by muscular low notes of tobacco, charcoal and compost and faint hints of herbs. A straightforward medium-bodied wine, accessible but slightly wild. A bespectacled, competent mid-manager, seemingly content with his place in the world, yet there is controlled ambition within. A great value and a good wine. (Reviewed 1/21/12)

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Durigutti Malbec 2008


Blackberry and boysenberry fruit, camphor and cedar on the nose, and a dry tannin finish. Enjoyable yet unremarkable. A good wine. (Reviewed 12/14/10)

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Stolpman Malbec 2005


Bing cherry with red plum and dark berry fruit up front. Near-puckering acidity is a delight with food. This wine has evolved over the years and lost the umami notes it had on release. Once a complex berry-and-organic-soil adventure, it’s now a bright and perky fruit-filled joy-ride. Still exciting, just different. A very good wine. (Reviewed 10/3/10)

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