Nichols Syrah D’Anbino Vineyard 2002

Medium bodied with soft, mature blackberry and raisin with notes of chalk, soil and dry leaves. Quite cooked and long in the bottle. Well past its prime. At the end of a long journey, there is the one last stop before the end, made partly out of curiosity, partly out of some acquaintance, but mostly out of fatigue. It is a difficult find, and yet all would have been better if passed by. Really not very good at all: Sadly, it is a poor wine. (Purchased at the winery May 2013 and reviewed 5/15/13)


Filed under $21 to $50, California, Syrah/Shiraz | Grenache | Mourvedre

2 responses to “Nichols Syrah D’Anbino Vineyard 2002

  1. What a shame. You would think a Syrah would hold up for 10+ years if stored properly. Do you think you should let the winery know how disappointed you were?

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