Duckhorn Merlot 2009

Mature black cherry with currant and boysenberry, plus complex flavors of licorice, mocha, stone minerals, camphor and orange zest. A medium- to full-bodied wine showing a velvet-smooth texture with a little chew, a slightly laden mouthfeel and firm, present tannins. Very well integrated with excellent fruit-savory balance. In a word, sublime. A thoughtful read, a warm spring-day breeze and a comfortable lounge on the veranda — and the time to be there all day and another. A very good, near excellent wine. (Reviewed 2/9/13)

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Filed under $51 to $100, California, Merlot

One response to “Duckhorn Merlot 2009

  1. Big fan of this one here. Thank you.

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