Beckmen ‘TLB’ Estate Cuvée 2007


Earthy elderberry, purple plum and black cherry integrated with soft woods, bay, graphite and loamy soil. Full bodied yet restrained with solid mid-notes and easy acidity. However, this wine’s bracing, firm tannic structure — more than chewy — requires a robust decant, time in the glass or further bottle slumber to unwind. Velvety texture and a lasting finish. Rather an uptight and standoffish character, this fellow loosens up and proves quite the entertainer given a few moments to acclimate to the room. 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah. A very good wine. (Reviewed 1/22/12)

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Filed under $21 to $50, Cabernet Sauvignon, California, Syrah/Shiraz | Grenache | Mourvedre

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